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About Go Puerto Plata

GoPuertoPlata.com has evolved as the definitive answer to one of the most commonly found posts on local Facebook groups and pages. “Where can I find, or can someone recommend…..a good dentist, a reputable real estate agent, an accountant, sushi, pizza restaurant,  mechanic, cleaner, etc?

In most cases these questions get an answer, sometimes with a variety of options offered, but try finding these after a day or so and they are buried under a volume of new posts never to be seen again and requiring the same or a similar question being asked.

We felt there must be a better way and here it is with GoPuertoPlata.com. On this site you can add recommendations that will be retained for anyone to find. Visitors can leave reviews so the cream rises to the top.  You get contact information, Google map locations and addresses, and if you are searching on a smartphone with location activated it will even tell you the nearest place to find what you are looking for.

GoPuertoPlata.com has been designed as a resource for both local residents and tourists. We know that the three locations we cover enjoy an eclectic mix of visitors. Some return year after year to enjoy extended vacations. Others arrive for shorter-term holidays whilst Puerto Plata welcomes thousands of cruise ship guests who only have a day to enjoy shopping or visiting local attractions. We aim to offer information and guidance to enable everyone to find the best options for whatever they seek when visiting the area.

For residents, there are other priorities to consider. Beauty parlours, salons, internet cafe, car or moto mechanic, lawyer, bank or money exchange. The list is endless, and a recommendation for good service will help to guide customers to those businesses that offer quality service and value for money.

We hope you will help us to achieve this by recommending businesses where you have found a great service that others can also enjoy. It’s easy, free and only takes a few minutes to do. Just click on Add Listing and you will find a very short form to complete and that’s it.

For more information check our FAQs below.


With the many already established review sites out there, you might be wondering – “Why Go Puerto Plata?” After all, there is Trip Advisor or Yelp or even Google?

gopuertoplata.com is all about the local experience in Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete. Whether you are a local resident or tourist intending to visit we aim to provide a comprehensive directory of the best experiences that are exclusive to this area of the Dominican Republic.

Yes! However, we do offer valuable premium features that are available for listing owners.
The listings you find on this site are specially selected by submissions by those who live in one of the towns or surrounding area or those who have enjoyed your services or products. But if you don’t see your listing on the site yet, feel free to request one. You just need to sign up for a free account and then select the appropriate form under the “Add Listing” option from the main menu.
If your listing in on this site – then you’re in good company! The listings that appear on this site are NOT generated from third-party data providers or service. Our listings are provided by other business owners or specific recommendations from your customers and guests. We want to recognize the places that offer high-quality value in the community and provide high-quality services to clients.
Of Course! Just sign up to open an account, claim your business and let us verify your details. Once that process is complete you will be able to personalize your listing information. With a premium account you can also add photos, videos, links to your website, Facebook Page, include special offers and more. Also, once you claim your listing you will be able to respond to reviews as well!
Not really sure why you would want to do that? If you have a listing it is there to help customers or clients find you easily. Of course, if your business has closed down, or has been sold you can let us know. We can then either remove the listing completely or suggest to the new owner to amend the listing to show their information.
No, you do not need to create an account as you can access listings and reviews without needing one. However, we would like to encourage you to do so to enable you to recommend new listings and add reviews to benefit other visitors to the site.

Having a listing on the site is, in effect, a form of advertising and a basic listing is free. You are welcome to share your listing in any promotional activities you engage in. For example, you may want to include a reference to your listing to encourage reviews of your business.

If you decide to upgrade your listing to Premium you can then include more information about your business, add links to a website and any social media accounts, include promotional offers and change the content whenever you wish. It's almost like having a website without the cost of design, hosting and maintenance.

We do not currently intend to offer other forms of advertising, such as banners or advertising space.

First of all, check to see if your business has a basic listing. If it is already listed you have the option to claim it as your business. Once ownership has been confirmed you can access your account and dashboard to upgrade to a Premium Account.

If it does not appear, use the Add Listing Navigation Link to add your business choosing the appropriate option as set out on the Add Listing chart. As soon as payment is confirmed the additional premium level options will be available for you to complete.

You can review these in the Can I Personalize my Listing.

gopuertoplata.com is not a commercial operation but is designed to help locals and visitors find the best services and reputable companies in Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete. However, websites have costs including hosting, registration, and maintenance which we need to cover.

To make the service we offer affordable to both small and larger business we aim to keep the cost of Premium Listings to the minimum possible to allow both large, medium and small businesses to benefit. If you are a registered charity and want a Premium Listing this is offered free of charge.

We, therefore offer three rates dependant on the size of the business as follows:-

A small business we define as a business owned and managed by the owner with no more than 2 employees.

A medium business is any other local business not falling into the small business category with the exception that Real Estate Agents and Vacation Rental Agents are, by definition, categorized as a large Business.

A Large business is any other type of business with branches or outlets in Puerto Plata Province. Banks, Supermarkets, Real Estate Agents or Rental Agencies and chain stores would fall into this category.

The Small Business rate for a Premium Listing is $50 per Year.

The Medium Business rate for a Premium Listing is $100 per Year.

The Large Business rate for a Premium Listing is $250 per Year. but would include all locations in the Puerto Plata area.

On each listing there is a 'Report Issue' link that allows you to report any concerns that you may have with the content. Also on each review, there is a 'Report' link that allows you to report concerns about the reviewers content.

Yes. Where listings are concerned please keep the business description accurate and honest. Providing exaggerated claims or incorrect details will probably lead to poor reviews which can only damage your business.

For reviews these should be unbiased, for example, you must not write a review for your own business, your employer, or your friends, or relatives business. In addition, if you are unable to provide a fair and unbiased review then it’s best not to leave a review at all.

Reviews should remain on point and highlight your actual experience. Don’t refer to extraordinary circumstances or unreasonable demands. For resolution, it’s best to take up your issues with the business owner directly, rather than through a public forum.

Please respect an individual's privacy. Only refer to a business by name unless the owner is the name of the business.

No Spam! We reserve the right to delete any reviews or comments that include URLs to other businesses or websites.

Lastly, and by no means least, this site is accessible by anyone of any age. Do not use profanity, hate speech, sexually explicit language or attempt to harass or use threats. Any comments or reviews found to contain any of these will be deleted.

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