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Cabarete Beach


Cabarete is a charming town on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. It is one of the three major residential and holiday resort towns in Puerto Plata Province. Cabarete is famous particularly for kitesurfing and windsurfing and is considered one of the best places to enjoy these sports in the Caribbean. Many championship events are held on the beaches during the year which attracts large numbers of well-known aficionados and supporters.

Apart from Cabarete Beach itself, Kite Beach and Playa Encuentro offer long sandy beaches with plenty of open space and good winds to enable plenty of sporting activity throughout the whole day.

One of the advantages is the coral reef that shelters the bay from the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. Another is the trade winds that provide the impetus for these sports. One of the additional benefits is that early in the day the winds are lighter, making it ideal for beginners to learn safely. As the day progresses winds strengthen and that is when the experienced enthusiasts can display their skills to the full.

All the beaches have Kite and surf schools where beginners can learn to ride the waves and if you don't want to transport your own equipment when visiting on holiday you can hire excellent quality kites relative to your level of experience.

Although famous as a watersport and vacation center that is not the only reason to come to Cabarete. The town is very near the airport in Puerto Plata.  20 minutes or so will see you in your holiday accommodation or your home here and ready to relax and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.

There are many different types of activities to enjoy either in or near Cabarete. If you are a regular visitor you may well know your favorite hangouts and places to go to. If so we want you to share these on our Add a Business section so that new residents or vacationers can find the best that Cabarete has to offer. Don't be shy! Your advice to newcomers and recommendations will help both visitors and local businesses to thrive.

If you are staying in a condo rental or vacation villa, cooking may not be one of the activities you will want to pursue. In which case you will be delighted to know that Cabrera offers a very wide selection of dining options.  From traditional Dominican fare to Japanese Sushi, almost any style of cuisine can be found here. Mexican, Chinese, Indian, along with burgers, steaks and fish dishes of every description. The East end of Cabarete Beach has a varied selection of restaurants, but if you prefer to eat-in many now offer a delivery service.

If you are a resident or stay for long periods in Cabarete dining out may not be your only option. For sure you will have found the best supermarkets or shops to buy groceries and the means of cooking at home. You will also have discovered local suppliers and professionals who you can recommend to those who may have just arrived and are seeking assistance.  Please use the Add a Business option to recommend suppliers and providers you know give good and reliable service.

Perhaps one of the major attractions of Cabarete is the choice of lifestyle it is able to provide. If you are looking for a beachfront location there are plenty of options. You may want to be "close to the action" or in a quieter area.  Both are available. If something more inland but with easy access to the beach is your preference you will not be disappointed with a wide selection of locations available.

The same applies to property options. Condos in gated communities with shared facilities and just one of the many different property types. Individual villas, also in communities or stand-alone units are another. If you want to mix with the locals inexpensive smaller houses or apartments can be acquired. But, as with any investment, due diligence, a good lawyer and "let the buyer beware" is good advice. Many will advice renting for a period, either in the area or even on a possible community complex for a period to ensure the area and community meets the lifestyle you are looking for.

If you want nightlife, that too is available as many of the daytime restaurants on the beaches turn into nightclubs as the sun sets and then offer a different lifestyle into the early morning hours.

Cabarete, as the Dominican Republic publicity says so clearly, really does "have it all" and provides facilities for everyone and every type of lifestyle.


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