Add a Business as a Guest

If you are adding a business you do not own, but wish to recommend, you can do so by either registering with us or by signing in as a Guest.

When you click the Add a Business Navigation Link, and are not already a registered site member, you will be given the opportunity to register or, just below the Registration Signup Form, the opportunity to sign in as a guest.

Registering or signing in as a guest will then take you to the next stage of the Add Listing process.  Here you can click on the No Payment Plan(Free) section which will then open the Add Listing Page to enable you to insert the details of the business you wish to be included.  Please enter as many details as you can so that other visitors to the site can easily find the business you are recommending.

Please ensure you enter the address of the business to enable the location to appear on Google Maps on the site. For those who may not be aware, all the towns share the same post/zip code which is 57000. Please click the Find on Map tab above the map to enable the address to be correctly located on the map. You can enlarge the map by clicking on the + sign to check that the map marker is in the exact position where the business is located.

Once you have entered the details you are able to include, click submit and the business will be listed.  You are then able to add a Review and upload photos as part of the review process.

Adding Your Own Business

As a business owner, you don’t have to wait until someone recommends your business you can Add your Business by clicking the Add A Business Link. You will have to register to do so and after you have completed the Registration Form you will be directed to the Listing Options Page where you can select the type of listing you prefer.  You can opt for a Free Listing or a Premium Listing based on the category of your business.

Once you have chosen your option a new page will open enabling you to list your business with the details corresponding to the plan you have chosen. Once completed click Submit and your business will be listed and appear on the map with a Pin showing your location.  We advise uploading a photo which will appear in the actual Pin that appears on the map showing your business location.

Paid plans enable you to add a considerable amount of information about your business.  If you are a Real Estate Agent you can list properties you have for sale or rent. A restaurant may want to include a menu, or today’s special offer. Your page is freely available for you to edit whenever you wish to do so.

It’s almost like having your own website without the cost of designing, hosting and maintaining.  We do that for you!

There is also more information on our About Page.

Claiming a Business

If your business has already been added by a customer or client and you find your business on the map or by searching for it you will notice a button enabling you to claim the business as yours. Please complete the claim form that appears when you click the Claim Listing Button.  Once verified as the owner you will be able to upgrade your membership to add more information about your business, if you wish to do so, or edit or correct anything on the listing as needed.

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